mublings from my hammock

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

My hammock just got full

So blue is my favorite color.  And this weekend my girl and I got her dog back.  The dog's name is jetta.  She is a mut Charlene saved fromt the animal shelter.  They are both wonderful and I feel like my "family" is now complete.  So I started this diary today for many reasons I guess.  One is because I am so inlove with the most wonderful woman in the entire world but am not "out" to my parents or rest of my family besides my older sister, so I needed to share i guess.  Another reason is to maybe me some other lesbians across the globe in hopes to form some kind of friendships for myself and charlene, you see living in Cleveland limits the available SANE homosexual community greatly.  We are both looking forward to exiting the mississippi area as soon as she graduates with her masters in May.  Those of you from Mississippi know what I am talking about some how the bible belts seems to beat the sanity out of homosexuals and heterosexuals alike